OPBA Happenings

FBC South Greenfield 3rd Sunday Sing

Branson Stars Silent Auction and Benefit Concert

The Gathering Womens Conference

The Missourians in Concert

Ladies Spring Tea at Main Street Baptist Church

Missions Festival on December 3 at FBC Lockwood

The Parsonage Gets a New Driveway

Evangelism at the State Fair in Sedalia, MO

Bro. Bill Tull Sharing with the Children in the Worship Service at FBC Daveville on July 9, 2023

Pastor Courts Jetton Baptizing at Main Street Baptist Church

VBS and VBS Block Party at Sheldon Baptist Church

Building Expansion at Kingspoint Baptist Church

Bro. Elvin Winans retired as Pastor of FBChurch Liberal

Bro. Elvin Winans baptizing at FBC Liberal

Bro. Courts Jetton baptizing at Main Street Baptist Church

Preparing for Camp 2023

Work on OPBA Parsonage

Block Party Ministry by First Baptist Church South Greenfield!!!

Mission Night service at Grace Place Baptist Church,

First Baptist Church, Dadeville. Young people attending the Disciple Now Ministry weekend!!

Fishing trip for the Women’s group at the House of prayer fellowship at Stockton Lake

Pastor's Conference at Main Street Baptist Church

VBS Clinc held at FBC Lamar

Ladies Spring Tea at Main Street Baptist Church

Deacon Ordination at FBC Lamar

Bro. Jerod Lamb at Liberty Baptist Church

OPBA Office Gets a New Roof

Main Street Baptist Church Quartet

Sheldon Baptist Church Baby Dedication

Grace Place Upward Basketball and Cheerleading Ministry

King's Point Baptism with Bro. Ernie Dempster

Grace Place Men on a Mission

Baptist Hill Pool Renovation

South Greenfield Baptist Church