Pastor's Partner for Sept. 19, 2016

Pastor’s Partner


September 11, 2016.  The focus was prayer for America during the morning worship.


As all bowed and prayed, as some may be giving up on America, God hasn't.   Yes, there are some cracks in the system.   Cultures are crumbling as never before.  We have the need to cry out to God in prayer more than ever.

I thank each of you for the moment.

Upcoming election, our president, our congress, our Supreme Court, our governors and state legislative bodies, our mayors, city councils and school boards, our first responders, our schools and universities, our military, our law enforcement officers, and the racial crisis in America, all need our prayers.

We all need to pray for our own churches and our people to be revived by the power of the Holy Spirit,  and for  God to bring about a Great Spiritual Awakening.  Let me add, the next greatest need here is a Great Spiritual Awakening.

We need Jesus in America where we are devoted to prayer, supplication, and totally  following Him. The church that steps up is the church God Blesses.

I believe that our God can do anything, anywhere in a moment,  that will change the world in the time you spend in prayer.

The time is Now!

Jack Slade

Pastoral Ministries Director