Pastor's Partner for December, 2016
Pastor's Partner for December, 2016
Prayer That Sends Us to Our Knees
Scripture: Daniel 9:1-19
The book, The Daniel Prayer, by Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy Graham, was a book that is a number one in my reading. The book speaks to prayer that moves heaven and changes nations.
Some thoughts from our scripture:
Daniel 9 Daniel was truly was a man of prayer, and much of the time in exile. He was associated with three kings in his life and many other important people. During his testing he remained faithful, as well as in business, politics and family life. The secret in all this; loyalty and devotion are just that, all to that end was prayer.
True prayer always begins with the operation of the Holy Spirit. Our prayer is most often initiated by someone asking for a need to be met.
Prayer is a co-thing with God, involved for fulfillment of His will. When we pray we do not alter God’s mind. We discover what His purpose is and we enter into by prayer.
All this gives us a revelation of who God is, and things like this:
1. A great and awesome God. (verse 4) 2. A Faithful God. (verse 4) 3. A righteous and just God. (verse 7) 4. A merciful and forgiving God. (verse 9) 5. A God of Judgment. ( verses1and14) 6. A mighty God. (verse 15) 7. A God who hears and answers prayer. (verses 6-19)

Verse 3 challenges us when our prayers are cold and half-hearted, maybe somewhat with no sense of burden. Verses 16-19 say his prayers were not vague or senseless, directed to the city and His people. This gives us some direction, praying for our churches for a deep cleansing work of the Holy Spirit, for a return to faith in the authority and inspiration of the Bible, for direct, clear gospel preaching, resulting in repentance and renewal, and for holiness of life in its membership.
Prayers for the World: for men to be raised up to the nation back to God, for those in high places to be converted, for the rising tide of iniquity to be stemmed, for repentance and faith to be given to many.
I believe Daniel’s Prayer in asking that the Lord would bless His people and bless His Holy City “for your sake" verses 17 and19. His motive was the glory of God. (See also James 4:3.) Daniel 1:1-21: What does happen when we pray? When we pray, immediately our prayer is heard according to verse 12. When we pray, immediately we set in motion a spiritual conflict. The Devil does not want us in this as no prayer is acceptable to him. (Verse 13) When we pray, fear is banished and strength is imparted. (verses 12,18 and19) When I compare to Isaiah 40:31, I'm ready for Knee Time. His Love to Each of you.
Pastor Jack Slade Pastoral Ministries