Pastor's Partner

Pastor's Partner                                  I Changed My Mind                            August 8, 2016


Due to the events of the past weekend ....I had a chance to reconsider the direction of this week's letter.

I had every hope to continue a follow-up to a previous letter: God's Guidance yet being very sure He has taken me to a key verse from the book of Proverbs, I change my path for this week.

Proverbs 1:7 "The Fear of The Lord," and finding there are two classes of people mentioned -- those who fear the Lord and the foolish ones who do not. The contrast is of course between the believer and the unbeliever, the saved and the unsaved. Let me expand some..........

I believe God longs that we should fear Him, (Deuteronomy 5:29) and that to fear Him will always be for our good (6:24).  It is possible to fear the Lord all the time. Proverbs 23:17. Obedience is the proof of fearing the Lord. Genesis 22:12.  Church members should fear the Lord. Acts 9:31  Those that fear the Lord are rewarded. Proverbs 12:12.  Fear of the Lord is the secret of all blessings.  Psalm112:1. What is all this about? Is it to be afraid of God? No..It is not! It is that one who fears God is gripped by a Holy desire to please Him.


When a man fears the Lord it implies that he has started to know the Lord. Knowing the Lord is not knowing the name, the devil knows that. When man realizes who God is and what His attitude is, he then begins to fear the Lord. When fear is not sought, Proverbs1:29-30.  It has to be learned, Ps. 34:11 & Deut. 4:10.


When a man fears the Lord he will turn from sin and live a holy life. Everything in him will be affected. The way he dresses, talks, spends his money, his time, what he hears, the places he goes, the pleasures he seeks, the books he reads, and the friends he keeps, Malachi 3:16.


When a man fears the Lord he is filled with deep assurance, yet fears (or reveres) Him and still lives on very intimate and personal terms, and in close relationship with the Lord Himself. (Ps 25:14)

The assurance is of God’s protection (Ps 37:7) His provision (Ps. 34:9-10) His Purpose (Ps. 33:18) and faith (Heb. 10:22). We know our sins are forgiven and the truth of Romans 8:28, all things do work together.


When a man fears the Lord he experiences true joy and satisfaction. (Prov.13:13)


When a man fears the Lord he will reap the benefits of a disciplined life.

If we are rested, taking an extra nap during the day, food, sleep and exercise, serving others and giving God His rightful place; just think of the things you'd be free of, anxiety for one.....


When a man fears the Lord he will serve Him whole-heartedly. Waiting on God, brings right guidance, empowering, rejoicing with trembling.


When a man fears the Lord he will be like the Lord Jesus. Hebrews 5:7-9, our Savior lived as man and lived in fear of the Lord and it was in this He offered Himself on the cross to secure our eternal Salvation. So, to be like Christ we would always seek to live and work to do everything in the fear of the Lord all day long.


Take a look at Job 1:9-10, then begin your prayer with Psalm 86:11-12. Start using this as a part of your daily prayer and/or devotions. A blessing you shall receive!


May God truly Bless,

Jack Slade, Pastoral Ministries

Ozark Prairie Baptist Asociation


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